Real-Time Inventory Management

Keep track of all items, stay organized, know which items sell fast, which items expire soon. Automated logistics removal strategies (FIFO/LIFO/FEFO) make your job easy to outbound the items automatically based on item category and maximize your warehouse efficiency.

Inventory Operations

Incoming Shipments

Receive the goods directly in your stock locations and monitor your inventory performance seamlessly.

Delivery Orders

Ship directly from your stock locations to your customers. Inventory methods FIFO, LIFO and FEFO make your job easy to handle and deliver the right products.

Internal transfers

Transfer the goods from one warehouse/location to the other. Keep track of the operations and accountability of your internal transfers.

Inventory Adjustment

Make your initial inventory of the new products and adjust the inventory manually of your old products. Our inventory management software helps you to keep the inventory right.

Advanced features


Allow suppliers to deliver directly to your customers


Suppliers always deliver to your warehouses and you deliver to customers


Manage several Warehouses with several stock locations


Manage picking in batch per worker